Definition of Terms

Small Groups - 3 to 15 people meeting together with the purpose of aiding either evangelism or discipleship efforts.   Can cover any part of the Engel’s Scale.

Discipleship – Takes place in either Training Cells or Ministry Teams that meet on a regular basis.  Not all Ministry Teams are involved in discipleship (eg. Ushers), though most are. On the Engel’s Scale it covers +2 and up.

Evangelism – Can take place either corporately or in small groups.  It involves two facets: Connectivity & Consolidation.  Covers –8 to +2 on the Engel’s Scale.

Connectivity – That part of Evangelism that covers –8 to –5 on the Engel’s Scale.  The term refers to initially connecting people with the gospel & does not refer to conversion per se. People groups that have a need for initial connection to the gospel define the target group of NLCC.

Consolidation – That part of Evangelism that covers –4 to +2 on the Engel’s Scale.  Any Christian that has established a relationship with such a person should be involved in the consolidation process with them.   (A Word Document explaining the process is available in Spanish with English graphics here.  [If you know of anyone with the time to translate it into English please contact us.])